Retail Services

Dry cleaning

PERC used for Odour Free garments

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning garments using organic solvents. It provides shape permanence and high finish to the garment. In Dry cleaning process the risk of discoloration is negligible.
Wardrobe uses world’s best imported dry cleaning machine – ‘ITALCLEAN’ using organic solvent PERC and no petrol. At Wardrobe we take care of all kinds of Fabrics including woolen, silk and delicate materials. Sensitive garments are cleaned exclusively depending on the sensitivity of the fabric. Our complete Dry cleaning process leads to an odorless garment, making it look as good as new.

Precautions are taken with the cleaning process when we indicate our customer about observations such as bleeding dyes, minor tears, stains etc.

Common Treatment For Every Garments
  • Moth Proofing
  • Special packaging
  • Wrinkle Free Steam Pressing

Laundry washing

Automatic washer extractor for Natural Feel of garments.

Wardrobe also provides wet cleaning facility required for several garments with use of 100% RO water, high quality wash solvents and additives to give your clothes the fresh look they deserve. The washer extractors are from MILNOR which is the best make of washing machines. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the fabrics and the skin we use fabric friendly and skin friendly detergents or additives in the washing process. The best laundering techniques and professional handling of garments replenishes the life of your linen and clothes.

Steam Pressing

Automatic finishing machines leaving No Press marks

At Wardrobe, we finish garments on the most modern finishing equipments from FORENTA. Each component is designed to meet a specific garment requirement. All presses have curved heads to allow for the cuts, folds & pleats in your garments.

Starching/ Charakh

For the Crisp feel to the garment

We understand some fabrics like cotton etc. require stiffness. To fulfill this need we offer the starching service which gives that CRISP look and feel to your garment.

Charakh of sarees is a specialsed service catering to the Indian woman specific needs. We use automated roller press to give crease less finish to the saree.


Rips and holes in your clothes are now a thing of the past. With Wardrobe’s Darning process you can renew the garment life.

Special services

Sparkle and shine with Wardrobe’s special services for garments that are close to your heart and an important part of your life.


Wedding wear

Retain the shine and beauty of your precious wedding wear with Wardrobe. Besides using suitable cleaning agents that are recommended for delicate treatments, we also take good care of every part of your dress from the fabric to any embellishments like lace, beads, pearls, sequins, embroideries etc.

Evening and Party wear

At wardrobe we make sure that your expensive party wears retain their unmarked looks forever. With modern equipments and processes, your outfits are cleaned to the last detail choosing suitable treatment for the type of fabric they have.

Carpets and Rugs

Nobody understands carpets and rugs better than Wardrobe when it comes to dry cleaning them. Our expertise ensures that your carpets and rugs restore their original shine and are hygienically cleaned.