Fabric care centers

It’s our constant endeavor to provide a completely different experience to the customers at Wardrobe. All our outlets are fully air conditioned with uniform and unique design. They are equipped with laptops for garment booking and special label printers for garment tagging. Outlets are installed with surveillances system and have real time connectivity with factory through internet. The staff is well trained and has customer friendly approach to ensure that you leave our store happy and satisfied.

We are making our presence felt with over 60 retail fabric care centers across Delhi and NCR, we are expanding and growing with a fast pace

  • Unique & Consistent Design
  • Customer friendly approach
  • Carefully considered efficient factors
  • Air conditioned
  • Real time connectivity with factory through internet
  • Equipped with Laptops and special label printers
  • Equipped with internet connected surveillances System
  • Dry cleaning