Wardrobe Care

Wardrobe Care tips from Wardrobe for a clean and colorful wardrobe at home.

  • We at Wardrobe, care for your clothes even while they are resting inside your wardrobe. With these key tips, you can surely extend the life of your favorite clothes.
  • Lavender oil can act as a secret weapon to keep all the bugs away from your wardrobe. No one likes to get their favorite outfits ruined by moth-made holes.
  • Do not leave your garments in any plastic cover for long time. It serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, which induces foul-smell all over the clothes. Our clothes can't be a home to these germs!
  • Attend to stained clothes with care as swiftly as possible. Stains left unattended may develop permanent damage to the fabric. Mild care and attention aid in the longevity of garments.
  • Baking soda is the best ally to eliminate odors, moisture, and bacteria from your shoes and keep them fresh and clean. At times, even our kitchen cares for our garments.
  • Clothes must be hung outside the wardrobe for at least 2 hours before being kept inside. Especially wool, needs air to help it spring back into shape. Even our clothes need some air to breathe!
  • Using the highest heat setting on the iron, makes it easy to press out wrinkles in all cotton attires. A wrinkled attire can play a spoilsport to all your outing plans.
  • To prevent added wrinkles and creases, hang dry garments immediately after washing. A swift action in time can save all the later pain of wrinkles and creases.
  • Cold-wash detergent prevents color fading as it doesn't allow particles from depositing again on the clothes. Don't worry! We use the same formula based detergent which keeps your colors clean and bright.

At Wardrobe, we commit to provide you the best laundry care.